Sunday, May 1, 2011

Time for some new things

I'm working on getting a new library set up and want to go totally techie. Here are some things that I have either used or found in wandering through the sites of awesome librarians like Doug Valentine:
voice thread
paint a room green!
comic life
google earth
crazy talk

Friday, July 31, 2009

Thing 23: Reflection

There were several of the things I have used before. I have loved Delicious for a long time and I'm quite addicted to Facebook. Others, I'd heard about or seen the results of but never really tried. I like Library Thing but doubt I have the patience to actually catalog my home collection. It might be useful for keeping track of what books I have loaned to people though. I have also admired my colleagues sign on her door that says Ms. Bellow's 4th grade class rocks (roadsign) and now I know how to make my own. :)
I have played with Wikis before and liked the version we used here better than what I have seen in the past. We tried setting up a Wiki for our campus last year but it's only as good as the group....and not many used it so it went ignored quickly. I'm going to look into maybe setting us up a Ning as it looks more friendly.
Twitter was the thing most outside my comfort zone. After joining, I have had several people try to "follow" me and from looking at their posts and others they were following, they are money hunters. I blocked them. I feel ok posting things to Facebook as I know who is reading friends. Not so with Twitter.
My husband and I have been having great fun with instant messaging as well.
Overall, I really enjoyed the trip through the things and there are many I will use in the future.

Thing 22: Making my own things

Can we blog in our K-4? Definitely
Facebook? Nope....but our teachers use it all the time. We have had a great time keeping up with each other (and our farms, etc.) during the summer.

How will I be using the things? I started something last year and plan to continue. I teach "Techie Tuesday" classes to the teachers on Tuesday afternoons. While there are some things that just must be done like showing the new guys how to work the library catalog or use Reading Counts, the "things" are going to see some serious use this year.

Most likely to be on my list of things:
Image Generators
Library Thing
Google Docs

Thing 21: Podcasts

In looking through the podcasts offered in the provided links, there is a large difference in quality. I found one I liked that was actually a video podcast that was very well made and easy to understand. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I found some that were scratchy, mono and with no visual clues. I'm hearing impaired and I really need the visual to "get" what is going on if I'm not familiar with the voice, accent, etc.
On Itunes, I follow a cool one called "Stuff you missed in history class". I have seen some cool ones done for book reviews, etc. where the kids are doing the talking. I really like the ones Doug Valentine (Dr. Loopy) does with CrazyTalk.
This is something I'm hoping to work into my library in the coming year.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thing 20: YouTube

I chose to search for "library procedures" as I'm in the middle of preparing a presentation on using technology to teach procedures I hope to present at TCEA in February. Thus far, I have made 3 videos of my own and am always looking for other ideas.
Most of the videos I found thru YouTube were not exactly what I was looking for but still were interesting. Many were instructional videos for the employees rather than teaching videos for the students. I think it is great that a library, in these cases public library, can use this medium to help standardize their service.
Of the ones like I was looking for, I mostly found ones that appeared to be built for a SLIS type class project. I'm hoping that means that fresh new librarians coming along are getting these skills to bring to the classroom.
One I enjoyed and found interesting although totally irrelevant was one about Sully Sullenburger calling the library to appologize that his book was lost in the crash. We need more patrons like him.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thing 19: Google Docs

I have been playing with Google Docs for a while now. It is good to know how to share to give others permission. That will really help with a project I'm working on for school. I'm making a library powerpoint and want to do a spanish version. I can just create in English what I want to say and let my friend that speaks Spanish translate right on the document. That will save us both time and frustration.
I need to spend more time in it and decide if it really can take the place of having Office. I bought a new computer that has a 60 day trial but really don't want to have to pay to keep it. If this can take it's place, I'm good. I need to be sure first though.

Thing 18: Wikis

My thing is done. See it at listed as Deanna.